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emerging leaders

emerging leaders is a freshmen student development program created by the center for leadership development at unc charlotte. during the course of the progra, a group of students work with a peer advising leader mentor to develop countless leadership skills and then get they the OPPORTUNITY to use those skills in a campus and community setting. I had the pleasure of being involved with the program for three terms, once as a student and twice as a mentor. My experiences with the emerging leaders program were crucial to my development as a leader, student, and person. 

Peer Advising leader (Fall 2012-Spring 2014)

  • As a P.A.L. for the Emerging Leaders program I was one of several former program participants who acted as a mentors to current program participants.
  • I worked with our team to market the application season for the program. This included tabling, communicating with students at information sessions, and on campus marketing initiatives. 
  • The team reviewed all applications that were submitted, scheduled and held interviews, and participated in an extensive selection process for groups of approximately 50 students. 
  • During meetings and our retreat I assisted with the running of several programs including ice breakers and workshops. I helped our team and the Assistant Director of the Center for Leadership plan these meetings and assist with their operation. 
  • I was a mentor for two groups of freshman students. At each meeting I sat with these assigned P.A.L. Groups and worked with them at and outside of meetings in several areas of leadership and personal development. 
  • For both programs, I was one of the leaders for our graduation committee. In this role I lead students to create the programming for the ceremony, created the voting processes for student superlatives, planned and coordinated the operations of the event, and audition for the student M.C.s who lead the program.   
  • During my second year as a P.A.L., I served as the group's historian. I took photographs of almost every meeting and event, put together end of the year slideshows, and ran several of our social media groups, pages, and accounts. 

PARTICIPANT (Fall 2010-Spring 2011) 

  • After an extensive interview and application process, I was one of approximately 50 students to be selected for the 30th group of the Emerging Leaders program. 
  • I participated in three Fall 2010 meetings, a workshop retreat, and weekly spring meetings. These meetings included networking, development, and leadership opportunities. 
  • I was assigned a Peer Advising Leader Mentor and P.A.L. Group for the entire length of my program. Our group connected weekly, at and outside of meetings.  
  • I served on the Community Service Committee and assisted with the sign up campaign and operations of the annual Emerging Leaders Blood Drive. I also was selected as one of Masters of Ceremonies for the end of year Graduation Ceremony. In this role I helped developed the program's script and assisted with the operations of the ceremony.  

leadershape INSTITUTE - UNc charlotte      Partipant (Summer 2013)

The leadershape INSTITUTE is an INTERDISCIPLINARY program that allows student leaders from different areas and offices to connect and learn about vision and integrity through leadership development. This program led me to further develop my leadership skills and to pursue more INVOLVEMENT with community and creative development. 

  • I was selected through an application process and was sponsored by the Center for Leadership Development at UNC Charlotte to be a part of a group of approximately 50 students from several campus offices and organizations. 
  • I participated in a week long retreat at Gardner Webb University. During this retreat we engaged in several talks, workshops, and challenges developed by the Leadershape team. 
  • Outside of large group sessions, I was placed into a Cluster Family. In this small group we discussed the activities that we went through, played different games and scenarios, and collaborated with several projects and activities. 
  • One of the most significant portions of my Leadershape experience was creating a Vision that I could pursue based on my experiences and talents. Since my program I have set goals to be more involved in our community and encourage others to pursue their dreams and goals  


awards and certificates

  • Distinguished Leaders medal (May 2014) 

  • WHo's who in american colleges and universities (April 2014)