The Vault of Souls (2016)

The Vault of Souls is an immersive haunted experience in downtown Tampa, Florida. Set in the historic Exchange National Bank building, this story is centered around a bank who stores spirits to keep their patrons comfortable in the after life. Over the course of the night guests are sent through four acts: The Arrival (a lavish cocktail party style space with roaming entertainment), The Ritual (a non-linear haunted experience), The Gin Joint (a 1920's speakeasy), and The Reader's Clearing (a calm coffee and gelato bar with tarot readers and entertainment). 

I was selected to be a part of the cast of the 2016 season. Working with the Creative Director, we developed the character of The Historian. This process included two weeks of rehearsal, backstory development, building of props, and over a month of performances in the venue. I was placed into The Arrival space and interacted with guests by giving them information about the story of the overall experience. 

In addition to contributing to the performance aspect of the event, I was also asked to write original material for the story that was handed out to guests. With feedback from the Creative Director I constructed case files written by the character to provide backstory to the characters found within the haunted experience itself. 

Writing Sample